Cristian Newman is a professional and talented photographer, committed to his work, a dedicated person and passionate about art, creativity and visual expressions, his work is a reflection of the incredible talent and years of work and experimentation he has carried out at throughout his career, which has placed him at the top of his field. His handling of light and shadow make him a revolutionary in photography, setting trends for his contemporaries and innovating photographic techniques at all times. The commitment he has with each one of the people he photographs is unique and special since each occasion is a new opportunity to capture the most beautiful moments of each one. Enjoy and get excited with each new opportunity and project you carry out, dedicating your time and passion. He is a man of incredible human quality and sensitivity, empathetic and analytical; a professional dedicated to his work and the search for knowledge, seeking to improve at every moment not only in the workplace but in his personal and cultural training. The use of colors and editing techniques of his photographs is completely wonderful, he manages to create in the viewer a feeling of nostalgia, affection and joy when appreciating his incredible works.

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